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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What is the Point

There are still projects to be done around our new place in Washington. Things to finish up in order to make it ours.

For the most part though, all of the big stuff is done. Except for the freaking stairs. Ugh! Don't get me started. But we're pretty happy with the transformation of this old house becoming our new home.

So, when we had an extra day to work on our projects around the house, thanks to Christopher Columbus, you would think that we utilized that time wisely. Right?

Well. We did and didn't. 

I know. I know. It is important to have a happy home, complete with stairs, trim painted, and pictures hung on walls. However, no improvement on our home was made.

Right now, on a beautiful sunny day, we decided that the point to our real happiness relied on the memories we make here as a family. And knowing that our days of sunshine in our new home of Washington will soon be very few, we chose to spend it outside at Point No Point, having fun together as a family. Time wisely spent.

That's the point right? When they are older they won't care if our stairs were done, trim was painted, or pictures were hung on the walls.

I think the point of all this is just to enjoy each other while we can, while they still want to hang around with us, while they are still young. The point of all this is to build strong family relationships now so that they always feel safe and loved at home. The point to all of this is to have conversations with our babes while walking the beach hand in hand or building driftwood castles together, just talking about their friends, school, or whatever they want to talk about. The point of all this is just to be together, present in each of their lives. Oh, and of course, the point to all this is that they'll remember all the fun times we have had together as a family, when they are old and gray.

If they don't, ugh, what is the point? :)




Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Different Kind of Wheel of Fortune

My babes used to love to watch Wheel of Fortune whenever it was on TV - which was not often in our home. (With a ROKU, we rarely watch live TV, so I don't even know how they saw it, but whenever it was on, they were stoked.) They would yell, "Wheel. Of. Fortune."

Do they share those same excited feelings about watching General Conference?

Ummmm. No. No they do not.

But, if you think about it, it is hard as an adult to sit still for 8 total hours watching. I personally know a child who described it this way. "It's our Prophet and bunch of old dudes, and sometimes ladies, that talk about church stuff over and over again. We get it Mom. Why watch it again?" I will refrain from divulging the identify of which of my children said that, but I will give you a clue... It's the one who has already been baptized and is pretty sure she knows just about everything there is to know in this life already at the young age of 8.

But since I do understand the important of General Conference, and enjoy it a bit more than Wheel of Fortune, oh, and because I am a "Mean Mom," I make my children watch. However, I do try my best to remember their ages and that is why I try and find some sort of HOOK to get them listening.

This session's HOOK was, "Spin. Listen. Win." A tad similar to Wheel of Fortune.

To be honest, it worked, but not as well as the "Money Words" I used for the 186th General Conference HOOK. Lesson Learned. (My babes like money!)

I have 6 months to think of something else to keep them listening, and wanting to hear more of that church stuff over and over again from the Prophet, a bunch of old dudes, and sometimes ladies.

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